For the purpose of creativity, learning, service, adhere to a people-oriented, customer-first concept, YGT focus on technical consulting of Dairy plant and Fruit processing equipment. Specially designed for clients by most optimum technology, competitive proposal, and superior after-sales service. Not only Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America, but also get high approval from European and American clients.

Our service range with:
  • Project Analyse (provide fruit processing/ dairy beverage project consultant)
  • Proposal Offer ( provide the competitive equipment list under technology support)
  • Machinery Design (accept custom made design+ factory layout design)
  • Quality Check + Global Shipment + Plant Installation and Training
  • Long Term Spare Part Provide (steady supply of the equipment spare parts and consumables)


Machinery Part :

Pre-Sales ServiceĀ 
  • Project communication and consultant.
  • Successful sample project visits.
  • Assign engineers to site for guide.
Sales ServiceĀ 
  • Provide customized solutions.
  • Product rendering and factory layout drawing.
  • Equipment quality check.
  • The optimal mode of transportation is chosen.
After-Sales ServiceĀ 
  • One-year quality warranty with lifelong maintenance.
  • Spare parts: necessary spare parts are provided together with products to customers.
  • Site instruction service of installation is available.
  • Software upgrade.

Package Part :

Quality assurance

With our years of experience, advanced technology, and continuous research, our quality is to fully meet the needs of the market to meet the requirements of customers, many customers use our products, we believe that the product is very good. Whether it is a powder or liquid, quality is always our first to care.

The product diversity

Both raw powders and liquids are available here.
if you prefer our aseptic bag, we can tell you the solution of different juice/jam package.
If you prefer our BIB bag, we will tell you the market, and different product applications.
if you prefer our fitment, we have many existing molds for your choice, also could make the mold as per your need.

Reliable after-sell service

With an excellent customer service-driven approach to our business, we are consistently available via sales WeChat, email, skype, or WhatsApp.

Fast delivery and Safe transportation

we provide the solution for the machinery and package, which save you time and at a low cost to get the right product for your application.



YGT is a professional scientific and innovative food machinery supplier from China. It is operated by a group of expert engineers and an international sales team in the juice and dairy processing industry.

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