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About Our Company

YGT is a professional scientific and innovative food machinery supplier from China. It is operated by a group of expert engineers and an international sales team in the juice and dairy processing industry. We provide turnkey solutions including production line layout with water, gas, electric cable design, equipment custom made, site installation & commissioning, and operation training.
Our main products including Fruit Juice Extractor, UHT sterilizer, Filling machine, Labelling machine; Project for fruit & vegetable juice/sauce processing, Dairy Milk Production Line Beverage plant, Drinkable water treatment, and so on. Our service is from reliable manufacturer choose, quality check-in process and before delivery, spare parts continuous supply, YGT engineer examine carefully in strictly and honest attitude to achieve final product and project excellent and guarantee commitment to our customers.
The final product as per unique process technology, process technology as per the perfect equipment details, YGT people adhere to corporate philosophy “Technology Innovation” to design more reasonable and cost-effective proposal which makes sure our honored clients produce high-quality product to win the market.

YGT team is ready to perform our duty and responsibility for international food industry clients, We will carry on to meet the demands of our customers, also warmly welcome to China visit us and exchanges views to seek deeper cooperation and be a strategic partner.


According to Company Strategic, to better suggest clients invest in Fruit & Dairy processing. We provide service from consultants, Equipment OEM, a global engineers from Africa/ Indonesia/South America to support clients to solve site questions and future aftersale services.

Also to convenient client’s purchase, we have the matched food package material, like aseptic bag, glass bottle, PET preform, sticker label, etc product, with competitive price and approved quality win clients acknowledge.

Hope with our passion work, sincere service, earnest attitude could attract more and more excellent clients. We work together, share together, create together to build our glorious future.

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History of Our Company

Devote ourselves to the food processing industry since 2008, study- accumulate update creative

2008, enter in food processing at hometown, learn and accumulate, worked apple juice plant, tomato paste process, potato washing system, mango & pineapple juice plant, orange juice refiner, waste kitchen dewatering process, etc project.

2012, move to Kunshan from hometown, as near to shanghai, more convenient for transportation, and better link to advance technology. during this period handled pineapple canning line, coconut milk water, and oil line, concentrated tomato paste plant, tomato ketchup line, banana&mango pulp system, sterilizer and pulp refiner, aseptic filler, etc equipment, and project.

2016, to meet global and international develop, and better provide more professional service, we set a trading company -YGT Imp.&Exp.Co.ltd, with the client’s trust and support, we extend our product line. Export equipment + Import processed products from our clients. like coconut milk, VCO, pineapple can, orange juice, mango pulp, spice, etc.

By factory invitation, we add one more branch UHT sterilizer and dairy milk processing in 2018. Expert to handle fresh dairy milk, yogurt/cream, Reconstituted drink plant machinery.


Corporate value: to be honest & love, high accuracy & efficiency, to cooperate & help.

Clarification: We should build a concept of honesty and love, the deep content inside this concept should be: to be honest in running the company and in cooperating with others; love our country, love the company, caring customers’ profits and clients; compete with colleagues in a fair situation and get well with each other.

At the same time, we should build a high efficient concepts, develop meticulous professional spirits in production and quality control. Abandon paltering in our daily work.


Take improving the competitiveness of manufacturing industry and production level as our own duty.

Mission: Follow The Belt and Road Initiative, largest play the trade advantages, integrate food machinery industry resources, to provide customers with high quality and reliable products. contribute to accelerate global agricultural products processing

Clarification: Besides creating profits, our company has a strong feeling to revitalize the national industry. We are willing to more social responsibilities apart from pursuing profits. It is a great honor for us to undertake these social responsibilities as we consider this to be a national-level responsibility.

Our Family

R&D Team

  • 5 Members 10% of annual sales for R&D
  • Products: Combination with practical and market service, technology, and manufacture.
  • Technology: research fruit and dairy processing for more than 10 years.
  • Vision: To establish an efficient and able expertise team.

Quality Team

  • Quality inspection from raw material to production and delivery.
  • Professional quality control person, to avoid the unqualified products flowing to customer.
  • Full series of equipment in quality.,Strict inspection of Raw material, production, and delivery.
  • Continuous improvement, seeking higher quality level.

Sales Team

Our highly dedicated sales staff meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. We treat our customers with the same loyalty and devotion, no matter the size of their business or industry.

Export Document Team

  • To choose the best route for cargo export by air/ocean/ express etc.
  • To handle the relative export document which convenient clients import.

Our Global Clients

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YGT is a professional scientific and innovative food machinery supplier from China. It is operated by a group of expert engineers and an international sales team in the juice and dairy processing industry.

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