Different type of Sterilizer for food

YGT Different Sterilizer Type:


for Milk, Tea, Coffee, Juice, Health and sport drink beverage etc food product.

by UHT or HTST methode, the product is heating according requirement and with heating recovery and recooling of the product to filling temperature.

Before filling:

1. Pasteurizer

Technical data: 5℃→65℃(homogenization) →85~95℃(15S) →5℃

This Pasteurizer can be connect with separator, homogenizer and degasser . widely apply for dairy milk, fresh NFC juice, ice cream etc plant. This machine has features of high heat recovery, lower energy cost, compact structure for easy operation and simple maintenance.

2. HTST sterilizer

HTST stands between the pasteurizer and the UHT.


can be used for PET hot filling or gable carton box filling sterilize.

Widely apply for milk drink, beverage ,tea etc drink.

3. UHT sterilizer

Technical data: 5℃→65℃(homogenizer)→137℃(4S)→20℃-25℃ for aseptic filling;

UHT sterilizer adopts ultra high heat treatment to sterilize the ESL dairy products, tea

drink and juice beverage for the the aseptic filling production;

by this procedure to remain the nature nutrition and flavor of the milk and juice;

This machine has the features of :

high heat recovery efficiency, smooth structure appearance and accurate temperature control; could design two outlet temperature as per site request, to flexible achieve the cold aseptic filling and hot filling procedure transfer

4. Tube-in-tube sterilizer

Technical data: 25℃→95-121℃(120S-180S)→25℃-35℃, the final

products can be filled by 220L aseptic bags in drum for room temperature storage;

This machine is used to perform continuous sterilization on thicker products, such as various of concentrated juice, fruit paste , jam sauce etc similar high viscidity products.

After filling:
5. Continuous bottle tilt chain sterilization

Continuous bottle tilt chain sterilization main characteristic: stable conveying without shaking and jumping. The products are tilting upended on the sterilization chain , of which the lean angle is not more than 90 degree to ensure full effectiveness sterilization, holding time about 25s-60s

The machine has the advantages of conveying smoothly, beautiful shape and little noise etc,

6. Pasteurization tunnel/cooling tunnel

Tunnel spraying pasteurization adopts recycling warm water design to achieve cooling bottled product temperature down, which takes 3 procedures of warming—precooling—cooling ; the temperature and holding time can be custom made and auto controlled;

This type machine is widely used to cool the bottled juice, can type flavor milk, beverage etc.

7. Water bath pasteurizer

Water Bath Sterilization Machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, driven by roller chain. which is composed of transfer chain, reducer, water chamber, frame cover, piping system, electricity control cabinet. The sterilization time can be regulated by changing the motor speed. Mainly used on the sterilization of canned tomato sauce or glass/PP bottles.