Safeguard Your Liquid Egg and Keep it Fresher Longer

Flexible packaging keeps liquid egg safe and fresh from fill through final dispensing. Bag-in-box and pouches protect quality, extend freshness, and reduce waste. With aseptic technology, liquid egg products are shelf-stable and preservative-free—no refrigeration needed.

When your product is valuable and time-sensitive, you need packaging that extends its primary shelf life and keeps it fresher after opening. Whether it’s a small pouch of liquid egg for a meal kit, or enough liquid egg to fuel a large cafeteria, we know it has to be safe. We provide the high level of quality and security you need, day in and day out. Our bag-in-box and pouch packaging solutions maintain your product’s purity, preserving freshness and quality with extended secondary shelf life. From refrigerated to non-refrigerated needs, count on our products to keep yours fresher, longer.

Bag-in-Box—Flexible Packaging for Liquid Egg Bag-in-box packaging is ideal for delivering bulk amounts of fresh, easy-to use, liquid egg that dispenses with ease, consistency, and speed for fast paced institutional environments. Bag-in-box covers a wide range of sizes from boxed bags as small as 1L, 5L,10L,20L as large as 300 gallons (220L). Our bag-in-box products are used around the world in dispensing systems by food service operations and quick-serve restaurants. Sterile, closed-loop, bag and fitment systems keep product safe from contact exposure, reducing chance of spoilage, and extending freshness. And with aseptic technology, liquid egg can be packaged as shelf-stable, without preservatives or need for costly cold chain logistics.

Bag-in-box is a clean, cost-effective, and high-performance alternative to conventional rigid containers. from bag-in-box filling equipment in various filling speeds and processing type capabilities to our wide range of films, fitments, and connectors. Our complete bag-in-box systems protect your product, delivering it to end users with the quality and freshness you intended.

Why Bag-in-Box for Liquid Egg?

Aseptic Technology: Provide preservative-free products and Extensive shelf life, no refrigeration required. Eliminate costly cold chain logistics.

Enable E-Commerce: Reduced risk of damage in transit. Better product-to-package ratio. Distribution center-friendly packaging. Reduces shipping and storage costs.

Protect Quality: Preserves freshness and taste. Easy to trace food safety problems. Closed-loop systems eliminate contact exposure. All products clean, secure, and BPA-free.

Dispenser-Friendly: Bag fitment connects directly to dispenser. Streamlines workflow, improves yields. Precise and consistent, no glugging or spills. Wide range to suit any market need.